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Towards the future of light, technology, and love, alongside the spirit and pursuit of original engineering

At the present, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are the leading display technology.
The first device in the world to implement an LCD was a calculator which had an LCD that went on sale in 1973.
The display for this revolutionary calculator was a plastic polarizing plate manufactured by the company.
This was the launch of a plastic polarizing plate that was developed in 1959, and it was also the moment that our ever-fastidious original engineering hit its stride.
From then on, as the Japanese pioneer makers of the plastic polarizing plate which are so indispensible to LCDs, the company has been closely involved with the liquid crystal market. It has increased its research and development potential in order to provide new cutting edge developments of the times. Through the refinement of its manufacturing engineering, it is continuing to grow in tandem with the expanding liquid crystal market. Presently, while building close relationships with its customers, the company is increasing its coordination with the providers of raw materials, and meticulously manufacturing high quality products in response to the needs of users to establish and strengthen its supply system. Additionally, it is proactively forming alliances with other businesses that incorporate original engineering. The market is changing by the hour with bustling innovations in engineering. The company strives to be the forerunners in this changing market and to grow and devote itself to original engineering. The name "Sanritz," comes from the Japanese "san ritsu (lit. made to stand by three)," and is so named for the firm belief that the company is built upon close relationships among three groups of people: the clients, the shareholders, and the employees. We treasure these origins, and aim to grow further still.