Environmental Efforts

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Environmental Efforts

Environmental Philosophy

We have a global field of vision, and we are expending all of our efforts to protect the environment and ensure the safety of our future.

June 28, 2013.
Sanritz CO., LTD.
Managing director, president and executives

Environmental policy

Our company as a polarizer maker for LCD machine try to promote environmental management by all of our company , and provide activities , products and services which care for man and environment.
For that purpose we have those regulations below

1. In every process from design development to material supply, production, wrapping, transportation, sales, office work, usage and disposal - we consider global environment like green effect and try to do resource conservation, energy saving, reuse, recycling and zero emission.

2. We observe the legal requirements and other requirements of official organization. And we try to prevent contamination and continually improve in every aspects.

3. Every year we establish the environmental purpose and targets, make the implementation plan, operate and mange it, measure and monitor it. If something is wrong, we correct it, make the PCDA cycle with internal audit and management review. In this way we try to improve the environment issue.

4. This principle is documented and informed to every employees and workers for this organization.

5. This principle is opened public in our web site. And it is distributed to the interested person or general public if required.

April 1 2014
Sanritz CO., LTD.
Director executive
Environment management director