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Research and Development (R&D)

Through application of foundations, investigating producer-driven solution engineering and leading research and development for the future, the company responds to the various needs of the marketplace, such as diversification and high performance.

The company thus far has advanced in its research and development and conducted joint development of materials with material manufacturers. Such developments include wide viewing-angle polarizing plate used in big screen TVs/monitors etc., high luminance polarizing plate that draw out more backlight brightness, displays with increased contrast, polarizing plate with high polarization, and also thin polarizing plate. These developments have been made in order to make liquid crystal panels even slimmer, an such, so that the company could meticulously meet the various desires of customers. Thus, the company has received a high valuation through providing products that match the needs of the customers. Also, in order to respond to these needs, the company combines its manufacturing know-how from long years of collected experience, and the latest technical know-how of the machine manufacturers to produce a high quality of manufacturing engineering.

(Example) product lineup for products aimed at various needs
Product Utility/needs
≫ High luminance polarizing plate Decreasing the energy use of the backlight and such of a TV/monitor/notebook PC/cell phone/smart phone/tablet etc. (energy efficiency)
≫ Wide viewing angle polarizing plate TVs/monitors that people want to view from various angles without color changes or stress
≫ High durability polarizing plate Displays that can withstand various environments (high humidity, etc.); car navigation system/control system displays/etc.
≫ Straight line polarizing plate Various wide applications that require polarizing function; calculators, digital watches, sensor lenses, etc.

Quality Control System

Thorough, quality manufacturing on the production floor in order to implement quality products that customers can safely use.

In order to create "quality products that customers can safely use," the company maintains and guarantees the quality of all processes through a quality management system. Additionally, aside from planning to make the production floor completely clean, in all of the processes, including the receiving of materials, manufacture, processing, product shipping, and inspection, as well as strict quality control, the company works to understand and investigate the source of any hindrances to quality. Then, the company actively removes the source of the problem in order to maintain a high standard of quality.


Safe products are provided through a state of the art automated production line and a culture of precise production management.

The company manufactures materials in rolls on a state of the art production line, adding adhesive coating/chip treatment/etc. By means of the improvement of straightforward manufacturing processes in addition to a wealth of manufacturing know-how, the company provides safe, high-grade polarizing plate. Additionally, from the materials that are received to the products that are shipped, all of the production processes have a detailed production management system that can cover the details of the processes.